We guarantee you a new identity starting from a new original and new birth certificate, new KTP, new driving license, new passport, social security card with SSN, new school report card, school diploma and bank statement, all NEW NAME, issued and registered in the government database system so you can easily travel across security borders. Even when checked by the authorities, your document with the new number is considered valid. We mainly produce documents in two formats, these are registered and unregistered databases.

Our passports are of high quality and are no different from the original document. We accept all security features such as special paper, watermark, thread security, gravure printing, micro printing, fluorescent dye, color changing ink, document number laser perforation, latent image, laser image perforation in passport production.
It is also possible to place almost any type of stamp in the passport. The price of this service needs to be discussed with our operator and may vary. Buy registered and unregistered passports online

Why choose Royal Novelty as a novelty for passports?

Royalty Novelty Docs has fulfilled thousands of passport-related orders. With this expertise, we promise to give our customers only the best in everything. We notify our customers of any events that occur during the creation of their passports.

Sometimes you really need a passport and are looking for a place to get it quickly. Well, we’re here to take care of it. We have worked in this industry for a long time and have gained experience and maturity in this field.

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